What to Look for in a Mattress for Hip Pain?

The quality of sleeps helps your body to recover from all the previous day happenings. However, your body health may get affected when you are kept awake, or your sleep may be interrupted by chronic pain. Thus, the lack of sleep may make your problem worse due to the shortening of your recovery time. For this purpose, the right mattress may help in reducing these pains. The choice of the right mattress may enhance your hip’s health and give you a night of better sleep.  Thus, in our research, we have enlisted all the best mattresses available for curing hip pain.  The sleepers who suffer from different hip problems should try to use those mattresses, which may help them relieve their pain and reduce the body’s pressure. The other mattresses’ features like body contouring support, and even the materials may help reduce hip pain and improve sleep. To get to know more information about mattresses , please visit savvysleeper.org.


By the term Support of a mattress, we generally refer to its ability to maintain a flat surface during sleep while maintaining a firm and soft balance.  A right mattress may help support your body and develop a neutral alignment in your spinal cord. The mattresses that are too firm or too soft may result in misalignment.  So, when your mattress is starting to sag, it is an indication to buy a new one.  Otherwise, the sagging may cause discomfort and also increases hip pain.

Body Contouring

The mattress ‘body contouring’ feature may generally have a significant impact on hip pain. All those mattresses that conform closely to your body may release pressure points and support all the body areas. It also helps in aligning the spine. Similarly, those mattresses which provide little conforming cause pressure points and increases the pain.


The correct degree of firmness relies upon an individual’s body weight and dozing position: the individuals underneath average value (under 130 pounds) needs a milder mattress to permit their bodies to sink into the bed. Better than expected weight sleepers (more than 230 pounds) need a substantial mattress with incredible help and no listing. Most sleepers feel generally excellent on a medium-supportive bed. However, you should likewise think about your resting position.


Durability alludes to the life expectancy of a mattress. A quality mattress with excellent durability will last between 7 to 10 years and offer steady help and solace. Dodge modest, bad quality mattresses—low-quality materials separate speedier (typically inside 2 to 3 years) and result in the listing.

Mattress Type

Various mattresses have their arrangement of points of interest and drawbacks about solace and support. A few mattresses, as innerspring, lean more towards the firm side, while others, similar to adaptive padding, are accessible in various firmness alternatives.

Memory Foam Mattresses

The contouring capacity of adaptive padding beds assists with alleviating pressure focuses while adjusting the spine. The body feels very much upheld, regardless of the rest position. Stay away from mattresses made altogether of low-thickness, too-delicate froth—the body winds up sinking too profoundly, tossing the spine lopsided and causing more torment.

Latex Mattresses

Like adaptive padding, latex adjusts to the body in calming pressure focuses. However, it rests cooler and is more responsive. There are two kinds of latex mattresses: regular and manufactured. Standard latex originates from the sap of elastic trees and is more costly. Synthetic latex is an oil-based material, and it’s more affordable.

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